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  Final Reflections





Remember what your profile was 5 weeks ago? Remember what your goals were?


Well, the time has come to reflect on this 5-week workshop, so the Baw 2012 team invites you to leave your thoughts, suggestions and comments about this collaborative journey. It's always nice to know what our participants think and your reflections will also help us improve Baw 2013. Thank you! :-) Tell us please: 


  • What you liked and didn't like
  • What you learned
  • What you would have liked to learn
  • What your next steps will be
  • If your goals were met
  • Any other comment you would like to share with us






 My name is Maria Gildeta. This workshop was very rewarding for me. I learned a lot. Many of the tools mentioned I didn´t know how to use and now I am more confident to try them in my classes. I still have a long way to go to be called a Webhead but i´ll keep trying and improving with the help you gave me.  I´d like to thank the coordinators and moderators for their effort in providing us with such a nice time.



(Photo)  My name is Bob and I must admit I joined BAW 2012 at the last minute when I realised that my other choice wasn't going to be what I though it was and thought this would be more interesting and possibly useful to me in the future. I have discovered a wealth of resources and techniques to use in the classroom. I must admit that I have been really inspired by the course and especially the webinars/meetings that I have been able to attend and look forward to trying to incorporate some things, albeit in a limited way, into my lessons. I have also 'met' some wonderful people online, whom I hope to keep in contact with - either directly or by following their blogs. I really liked the fact that there are copies of everything - meetings links etc - online for those who were not able to attend the events live. I have been really impressed by the helpfulness and friendliness of the moderators as well as their professionalism throughout the course - especially as I suspect most of them have managed to fit this in around full time jobs, what jugglers you are! I would say that my goals have been met and exceeded. Many thanks to you all




Catherine Boissier  I joined your workshop just to see what was happening out there because a colleague said it was fun, and in the hope of maybe finding something new to use in class.  Did I reach my goals? What can I say? I am still in the WOW!, shock state of the past 5 weeks. So much has happened, so many hours spent glued to my computer(s) - because 1 is not enough to keep up with you all!), so many links to investigate. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! What have I learned? That even at my old age, I can use a computer!, I can embed things, I can create blogs, I can tweet, I can use Facebook (my kids still can't believe or accept that!), I Yahoo group talk (and they never do that!!)... But most of all, I have learned that there is a fabulous community out there of which I am now a part. I have contacted many teachers from all over the world. I have shared more with people I don't know than I have with my everyday colleagues.. I have caught the bug for the need to investigate, learn and  use these tools in and out of class. Because not only is this good for my students, but it is so positive for me as a teacher. The live sessions were so inspiring for this.

I have opened blogs for most of my classes and will be slowly taking them into the use of other tools you have given us.

Of course time is the problem. Time to take it all in, time to really think about the appropriate use of it all, time to finish off all the tasks, time to get my house & family back in order (yes, thank you Baw, I am now the Geek of the family).

May I take this oppirtunity to thank all of the co-ordinators & moderators for their time, patience, smiles, hugs, jokes, singing lessons, inspiration, interest, welcome, freindship, enthusiasm, help.... the list is endless. Thank you all. 

I hope to connect with you throughout this coming year because this is only the beginning. And I'm sure I will be seeing some of you next year. Bye for now!




 My name is Cholpon Musaeva. This workshop has been extremely informative, enriching, insightful and effective. I've loved everything about it: it's content, i.e. web tools, tutorials, readings, links, etc.; it's organization; it's professional and humane co-ordenators and moderators who guided and encouraged us at every stage by facilitating our learning constructively all the time, practising and teaching they preach; it's enthusiastic paricipants keen and eager to learn and share; it's positive atmosphere and learner-centered nature.
I have become aware of and learned about a rich myriad of interesting web tools.
It has been my dream for quite a while to attend a course on technology in a classroom, and this programme has overmet my expectations.
Due to some technical problems and a busy schedule, could not attend two live sessions and follow quite a few tutorials and readings, but will definitely try to practise little by little at my pace.
I would like to create my wiki and blog and embed links using various other tools.
I would also like to explore more web tools, use them with my students and colleaugues, and have collaborative projects with other teachers, trainers and their students and trainees.
I have done enough courses on teaching using face-to-face mode, would like to learn and use internet and get involved in blended and on-line courses with time.

Thank you very much to all the co-ordenators and moderators for a wonderful organization, planning and implementation of the course, I found it very professional from all perspectives. Thank you to all the participants for genuine interest and collaboration. Hope to keep in touch.
God bless. Don't wanna say, 'Good bye', will say, 'Hear from you soon' and 'See you soon'.

Cholpon Musaeva
PhD (English Language Education)



My name is Sneza. I still can`t believe how lucky I am to be here with you! I`d like to thank Teresa, Fernanda, Larisa and all the mods for everything they have done to make this event so impressive. You are unbelievable! I`d also like to thank my webmates for sharing their inspiring work. Congratulations to you all! I started answering these questions and then realized I need a full page at least. So I wrote it and put it in my blog. It`s called `The Dawning of the Age of Technology`! Here is the link. http://www.digitalsealogbook.blogspot.com/





Branko Rumenovic

Hello. I have included in this webinar on the invitation of my colleague Mariana Smolcec. This is the first time to participate. I did not know how it looks. Thanks Marijana who called me, I learned a lot about internet tools. I met many interesting people, I hope we stay in touch. Except Internet tools, most impressed me is communication with colleagues teachers. At the beginning of the webinar, I wanted to give up, but now I'm glad I did. Thank you Teresa, Fernanda, Larisa and all moderators. In your society, these 5 weeks was very interesting and are very fast passed.




Indrit Bulku

Hi everyone. Although I was very little involved and I have still a lot to explore and reflect on, I would say that this course was a remarkable success. Starting from the moderators, both the three moderators of the course and the weekly moderators lived up to their roles. They were so helpful and encouraging and made sure they gave all the participants immediate feedback. As for the participants, I would like to congratulate all those who actively participated and  whoenlighted the rest of us with their insights, questions and their productions. I hope they will continue to do so even after the end of this course. All the tutorials, readings and tools were really helpful and will conribute a lot in my teaching. I would especially congratulate Rita for her wonderful presentation, Graham for his expertise and resources shared with us, and Claudio for his amazing blog. Maria and Ayat set an example of how teachers and students can collaborate and are an incentive for all of us to continue working together even after the BAW12. I will answer the questions listed above in my blog and then add the link here very soon.

 All in all, I feel so lucky to have been part of this course. I want to especially thank my friend Glenn Stevens, through whom I came to know his wonderful father- Vance Stevens- the founder and moderator of Webheads community. It was through them that I first came to know the potential of online interaction and sharing in terms of professional development and social life. Hugs to all :-) 




Dear friends

I am catching up with BAW2012 and read about the graduation and graduation party, the certificates and feel so touched by this wonderful group of human beings. I have learnt a lot but not only in terms of academic (or technical) knowledge but mostly about sharing, helping, supporting and becoming a better person.

I cannot thank enough all the people who are involved in this incredible venture and I do not have the time and the expertise to insert all the flowers and sweets and nice things I would like to send you to let you know how happy I am for having been part of this group.

Thanks for allowing us, the late comers and slower pace ones, to keep exploring the material you have displayed and comment it with the tutors.  


Ariana, the baby I have been taking care of and who will be taken back to her Mom in April accompanies me in this picture taken at my birthday.  These past two months were mostly devoted to her and to you.  I love the poem about Kudos, kudos to you my dear tutors, moderators and guests.!!!!  Happy Valentine´S Day !!!. So since I could not take anything for the graduation party allow me to share my birthday cake with all of you!!!  See you anytime!!



(Photo)   (Name and feedback)



(Photo)   (Name and feedback)




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