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Marijana Smolcec (mod)

My first ESL video - listening activity with one of my favourite songs.



The message for all Bawers about the skype talk my students had with our dear participant Catherine. I used Eyejot to record myself.



Here you can watch Animoto slideshow I have created after the Skype talk my students had with Catherine.

I still need to upload it to youtube, finish my article. Also the MP3 recording will soon be available for listening :)



Ayat Tawel (mod)

My students (Grade Five) interviewed Graham Stanley [through Skype]. You can listen to the audio of the interview here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/65420002/new%20interview.mp3


I have also created two photopeaches 

Grade 5 interview Mr.Graham Stanley on PhotoPeach


Grade 5 interview Mr. Graham Stanley (2) on PhotoPeach  



Teresa A. d'Eca (mod)



9 Mar.

Experimenting with Vocaroo, a very user-friendly software I've used for a few years. Holly, glad you called our attention to it at this point in time, because there have been major improvements to it since we were preparing BaW12. Back then we decided not to use it, because the recordings were deleted after a few weeks. I don't think there was the download possibility.


Voice Recorder >>



13 Mar.

This time I recorded a message with Audiopal using a headset and mic. The sound isn't fabulous, but it's quite acceptable. You can only record one minute. BTW, I love the widget.



I recorded a second message without the headset mic, just using the built-in netbook mic. It sounds clearer, but the sound may be a little lower, so please turn up the volume if necessary.






Here's a video recording I just created with Recordr (recordr.tv), a tool I'd never heard of.


BaW12 recorded by teresadeca





Hello, just to say I`m so happy to be back here. I`ve just finished making the Wiki Frontpage  for my students. I`ve recorded the welcome message in Vocaroo, I liked the colour! Unfortunately I didn`t read Teresa`s message before so I hope it will stay longer than a few weeks. So here it is:

Voice Recorder >>


I`ve just recorded this message. Audioboo is simple and easy, but it wanted me to update Java :)

I don`t think I can get rid of the code!


Now to Audiopal. I like it, had fun trying to make the message last exactly 60 seconds!


Educreations! I must say I love it! (just had to search for the embed code for a while, but obviously it is my way:)


This is the wiki I have made for my students:




Veronica Arena

I've used many of the audio tools suggested.  

Podomatichttp://varenave.podomatic.com/entry/2012-03-12T11_41_42-07_00 (I feel it's fine).

Podbean: They've sent me the password one day later. There is too much information on the page and it becomes confusing.

Audiopal 1 minutes only. It gives you a code to be embedded. 




Voki: lol!!!! I've used it for my kids! (In Spanish, sorry): 



Voxopop and Voice thread: Although I've seen and used them before, they've kept turning an error message these days.


Vocaroo: seems the easiest tool. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0rHe361R8TK


Voice Recorder >>


Video tools:

eyejot: very nice tool! It can be sent by e-mail: 




I couldn't record using winkball...


Thank you!!!


Another useful tool (similar to Vocaroo) is Audiboo. This is my link 





Catherine Boissier

 Hello everybody! I know I'm behind you on the extra tasks but I'm still in the classroom!

Here's an Eyejot message I sent to one of Marijana's classes I talked with recently. I had so much fun chatting with her students. I hope they enjoyed it , too!



Next, I've had a look at AudioPal:


I just got distracted into creating a talk on Educreations (thanks Sneza, who inspired me to try this with her talk above).

What do you think?

And this is the same talk but on My Brainshark as I wanted to compare the two. I found it more complicated to use but the result is good.


This is a page from one of my wikis I have been experimenting with with my students. They had trouble using Voxopop but really enjoyed making Vokis for me. 




These are the links to the sites I've been using along with two Armenian teachers and their students.






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